Things to Know About Copenhagen’s Hippie Place Called Freetown Christinia

If you have ever heard of Freetown Christinia, it is most likely because of the open cannabis trade that happened there for close to 50 years at least. There is a lot more to what meets the eye. We have listed some facts about this hippie place of Copenhagen.

What is Freetown Christiania?

It is a former military base that was abandoned for many years. In the year 1971, a group of hippies torn down the barricades and squatted there. These days more than a thousand people live in that very area, has its own community’s rules and regulations which are completely independent of the Danish government. Because of its short history, this place has faced an amount of turmoil. This is because of the trade taking place in its renowned Green Light District. There are many more places to discover, vacation rentals Copenhagen make sure of it.

The Green Light District

This place is renowned for many years because of the permanent stalls along the Pusher Street or the Green Light District. It sold all kinds of cannabis. Today, there is nothing as the stalls closed down because of the conflicts regarding the drugs in the area. There is no place for violence on the happiest place on Earth and many people are trying their best to campaigning for clearing Christiania of all drug activity. After the Pusher Street was brought to a close, the entire city was engulfed in posters that said, “Help Christiania, buy your hash elsewhere.”


Until now, you might have witnessed a sign that said don’t run, it causes panic, no photos, and buying drugs is illegal. Now, capturing photos in the Green Light District is declared legal, however, you should always ask people before you click them, even if they are just appearing in the frame.


If you are wanting to purchase a little souvenir to remember by, there are many options available. T shirts bearing the Christiania symbol, jewelry, smoking pipes and much more merchandize sold at a reasonable price.

Music venues

There are so many live music sports in the Freetown Christiana, and every one has its own special ambiance. If you love Jazz, check out the Jazzklubben. It is a small smokey bar where professional and amateur musicians jam on a Sunday and play their favorite instrument. From Thursday to Sunday, the music blares out from the Operaen café.

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