Four Important Tips when Planning a Wine Tour in Eastern Townships

If you are interested in learning about wines, you must visit wine regions, speak to growers and producers, as well as go to vineyards. A wine tour will help you learn more than just how wines taste. It provides you with a first-hand experience on how wine is made. If you are booking a salle congrès estrie for your planned event, make time to explore what Eastern Townships has to offer. Wine tours are available and you can ask the hotel staff to help you connect with tour facilitators. To make the most of your wine tour, here are some helpful tips:

Go to Wineries Early in the Day

This can help you avoid the crowd that tends to appear in high season afternoons. During this time of the day, it is unlikely for the winery staff to discuss the wines with you. Obviously, your best bet is to visit the winery during midweek or the off-season. Also, keep in mind that the majority of wineries are closed on major holidays and a lot have restricted off-season hours.

Limit your Visit to Three or Four Winders Per Day

This allows you to understand what is going on at every location. You will be able to linger and get the true tasting experience. Some wineries require appointments to experience leisure wine tasting but do not let this deter you. Usually, appointments can be made on the morning of your visit. But, giving earlier notice is usually better.

Maximize your Experience

A number of wineries provide great food and dining experiences that include gourmet picnics and fine restaurant dining. But, you can also prefer to bring along your own picnic lunch, purchase a bottle of wine, and enjoy the vineyards’ view. Also, some wineries provide cultural experiences like art exhibits, concerts, and architecture.

Sample Wines and Drink Moderately

You are visiting a winery not to get drunk. There is a spit bucket for a reason. You don’t have to swallow to properly taste the wine. Because you are tasting the wine, you should take small sips.

Every winery has their own style so wines tend to taste differently at every winery. Thus, a wine tour will let you explore beyond your favorite wine. Over the course of your tour, you will be provided with several samples so you might end up consuming too much wine. Before participating in the tour, plan in advance and look for a designated driver.

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