A List Of The World’s Most Visited Honeymoon Destinations

This article is dedicated to the newly wed couples who are looking forward to experience the best phase of their life through honeymoon. Often people choose the honeymoon destinations based on their preference, again sometimes the travel guides and agent suggest them different locations to explore an enigmatic experience. Whether hills or seaside; all the places have their unique beauty and elegance. Again adventurous honeymooners prefer to select the best safari packages and desert explorations to experience something new.

Here, we have selected few destinations which are preferred by honeymooners all throughout the world and they are:

  • Bangkok: Known to be one of the most happening island destinations and a queen of the South East Asian destinations. Besides Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China etc- Bangkok has become one of the star attractions for the honeymooners. Chiang Mai romantic design hotels and boutique hotels across various other cities of Bangkok offer state-of-art facilities and services. Check out the websites before booking the accommodation. When you’re in Bangkok, don’t forget to enjoy the spa therapies. Ooze your shopping spree whenever you’re in Bangkok whether it’s Phuket or Chiang Mai. Besides visiting the sightseeing showcasing the ancient history of the place, explore the dance drama programs often arranged by the professionals for the tourists to know another side of the Thai culture.

  • Europe: Europe houses some of the excellent honeymoon locations.  The UK, Germany, France, Russia, Holland, Belgium, etc are some of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe. Paris is the dream location for the lovers to enshrine their romance under the beautiful Eiffel tower. Rome is another romantic destination to celebrate honeymoon.
  • Dubai: Dubai stands as one of the chief honeymoon attractions across the world. People love to explore enchanting Dubai. The beautiful and magnificent buildings of Dubai are the best attractions of this Emirate land. The Burj-Al Arab, Burj Khalifa are some of the best monuments to explore in Dubai. This is an excellent destination to celebrate honeymoon. By the Mediterranean Sea this place is located and is surrounded by white sand dessert. The scenic beauty of this Emirate is enigmatic.
  •  Bali: Bali will always be on top of the charts of Asian honeymoon destinations. This place is blessed with iconic beautiful seaside and awesome landscapes, Spas are excellent in Bali. The couple also lobe to spend their honeymoon exploring different sightseeing of Bali. Ankor Vat is a world famous monument situated in Bali.

These are some of the most fascinating honeymoon locations across the world.

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